About Me

The Art and Science of Management

More than 10 years of experience in speaking, consulting and academia
I'm an Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior, speaker, author, trainer, and talent management consultant.

My experiences range from helping more than 100 companies and organizations in building smarter workplaces, to providing talks at international TEDx conferences and corporate events, to managing a gamification consulting company, to developing strategy for the best university in Poland, to... leading a punk rock band. This unique mix enables me to explore new horizons, help people and organizations to reach new levels of performance, and ultimately, make a difference.

I’m a Research Associate at Michele Gelfand's Culture Lab at the University of Maryland, Fellow Member of Center for Evidence-Based Management, member of Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology and European Association of Work and Organiaztional Psychology.

As a speaker, I engage audiences by educating them about leadership myths, talent acquisition, evidence-based management, self-improvement, and methods for building a smarter and happier workplace.