Lead Lika a Geek

...or how not manage the millenials
What does it mean to be a geek leader? For me, being geek is not about who you are. It’s about applying the mindset of wonder and passion (at times bordering on obsession), to your everyday life and endeavors.

Lead Based On Evidence, Not Management Fads

The winning strategy is based on reality
We would never get on a plane built based on intuitive physics nor would we go to a doctor with a degree in intuitive medicine. Still, the majority of managers see no problem in selecting talent or managing teams based on their gut feelings or the latest flavor-of-the-month approach. Learn how to change that.

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Knowledge is an underestimated aspect of managerial practice. Many leaders prefer case studies and anecdotes over good research articles and data. In hectic times like these, that's understandable. But what aren't we missing something important?

What should every manager know about human resources management? What is more important in making decisions - intuition or facts? How does scientific research translate into the practice of managers?

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